[wingide-users] debugging Django thru mod_wsgi

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Wed Jul 21 14:48:18 MDT 2010

Chris Curvey wrote:
> I'm using Wing 4 to debug a Django issue.  The problem is definitely 
> related to multiple overlapping requests, and I can only reproduce it 
> when calling my Django site via Apache + mod_wsgi.
> The thing is, Wing is only catching the breakpoints sometimes.  When 
> it works, it's wonderful and I'm happy, but when it doesn't work, I 
> have no idea why.
> I am also sometimes running the straight Django serve and talking to 
> that directly, so maybe I'm confusing Wing about what debug messages 
> it should pay attention to?  
> anybody got a recipe for making this work?

I think the issue is that the overlapping requests come in semi-random 
order/timing and you're only reaching the breakpoint if the right 
request connects to the IDE.  The IDE can only service one debug 
connection at a time so any requests that occur during another will not 
be debugged.

I suspect there's a way to serialize requests, either at the mod_wsgi 
level or perhaps even in the browser.  If so, that would be a work-around.


Stephan Deibel
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