[wingide-users] Multiple Instance Behavior

Michael Hipp Michael at Hipp.com
Sat Jul 17 16:27:55 MDT 2010

Eons ago I asked about having Wing open a new instance when I click on a .wpr 
file rather than trample my current project. The answer was:

"You can force Wing to start a new instance with the command line option

This is great but now that I'm on (the very dumbed-down) Windows 7, I cannot 
find any way to supply that command line argument to Wing when clicking on an 
associated file (.wpr). Such was pretty easy in older versions of Windows, but 
they've completely hidden it now.

Can someone tell me a way to get 'multiple instance' behavior out of Wing or 
some way to supply --new to it upon startup?

FWIW, I think "multiple instance" ought to be the default behavior. Any chance 
we could make it so?


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