[wingide-users] Impressions and feedback from a new user

Phil Vandry vandry at TZoNE.ORG
Tue Jul 13 19:35:53 MDT 2010

On Wed, Jul 07, 2010 at 12:58:25PM -0400, Wingware Support wrote:
>> - Copy & Paste
> Assuming you were using the default keyboard personality in Wing, this  
> should work.   Can you verify that you have unchecked "Enable Key  
> Equivalents Under X11" in the X11 server's preferences?  When that is  

I suppose I am not using the default keyboard personality ("Normal")
nor the MacOS one ("OS X") because I'm using the vi one and they're
mutually exclusive.

As for the "Enable Key Equivalents Under X11", it's funny you should
suggest that because I'm pretty sure I got a dialog box recommending
that I turn that *off* the first time I ran the software.

I turned it on but it didn't change anything. I guess it might be
because of the keyboard personality. No matter though, ^c and ^v
work fine.

What I'd really like to explore if why middle-click pasting doesn't work.
I initially reported that it didn't work but I've now discovered that
it's only within one editing window that it doesn't work. Between
different editing windows, it works fine! So in summary: highlight
"foo" in file #1, middle click somewhere in file #2 and "foo" appears
there, but highlight "foo" in file #1 and middle click somewhere else
in file #1 and nothing happens.

>> - "Confirm Reload"
>> I constantly get a dialog asking me to confirm reloading files that  
>> have changed from disk. The list of files it wants to reload is all of  
>> the files in my project. None of them have actually changed...
> That's certainly not what Wing should be doing.  Are these files that  
> have changed in the editor?  By default, Wing should only prompt to  

I'm editing files remotely (because I'm debugging remotely). It's
possible that it has to do with the network connection and the files
looking like they've disappeared if the server directory is not
mounted. Don't worry about this report. If and when I manage to
document it properly and/or reproduce it reliably while proving that
the remote mount doesn't fail, I'll bring it up again.


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