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Fri Jul 9 08:18:58 MDT 2010

Mike Driscoll wrote:
> It can be handy to have it execute immediately too. However, I've 
> noticed that sometimes Wing doesn't keep the variable names after it 
> does the execution, so I can't always get the results.

If you see such a case and it's reproducible, please report it.  
Variables defined at the top level of what you evaluate should remain 
defined unless the code also includes "del varname".  Note that the 
Python Shell and Debug Probe are entirely independent -- I sometimes get 
confused thinking one is the other and wonder why things are not defined.

We'll implement this when we also change history to navigate block by 
block rather than line by line.  And I suspect it'll be yet another 
option to control whether pasting immediately executes it or not.  
Currently it's always immediately executed even if there is no trailing 

This as something I've long wanted to do but never seems to get done.  
I'm considering feature creeping 4.0 to get this in... it's fairly high 
priority in any case.



Stephan Deibel
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