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Matt Calder mvcalder at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 11:13:35 MDT 2010

Not to sound, well, whiney, but I am a bit miffed that the original
poster, a potential customer, got a heck of a lot more attention than
I, an actual paying customer, did to my complaint.


On 4/22/10 4:44 PM, Matt Calder wrote:


    I have a small complaint about WingIDE, maybe my problem can be
    configured away. When highlighting with the mouse, I can middle-mouse
    click to paste the highlighted text to a new location. Great. However,
    if I left-click on the destination (which I habitually do) the click
    seems to invalidate the original selection, and so a middle mouse
    button pastes nothing.

It looks like Wing isn't following the X convention here and
unfortunately there isn't an option to change this.  We'll try to fix
this in a future version.



On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 12:58 PM, Wingware Support <support at wingware.com> wrote:
> Phil Vandry wrote:
>> As a new user (I don't know how come I never found out about it before
>> now), I've been trying Wing IDE for about a week and a half now. I really
>> like it in principle and it has lots of great things going for it, but
>> unfortunately I have decided not to buy it. The reason is because of the
>> editor. Generally, of course, I spend a quite a large chunk of time in the
>> editor so I'm afraid I have high expectations that it should work correctly,
>> but I have found several cases where it doesn't do what I ask it to do.
>> Inescapably, that's a deal breaker.
> Thanks!  This is useful feedback.  I've fixed a few things and have included
> some notes that may help get things working:
>> - Copy & Paste
>> In MacOS, I can't copy something from another application and paste it in
>> Wing. I tried the usual MacOS keys ⌘C and ⌘V, I tried the traditional X11
>> way (select with left button and paste with middle button), nothing seems to
>> work.
>> I can get copy & paste working within Wing with Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V (still
>> no ⌘C and ⌘V or X11 middle button) but I had to set a preference for that.
>> Shouldn't that work by default? The menu suggests some alternate keybindings
>> like Ctrl-Insert but I've never seen this before and I don't even have that
>> key on my keyboard anyway. Standard, well-known copy&paste methods should be
>> better supported.
>> (by the way, I guess lack of support for ⌘C and ⌘V is related to the
>> recent discussion about lack of a native MacOS version of Wing, but I have
>> to say I kinda like it under X11 just the way it is... I'm afraid I would
>> lose focus-follows-mouse if it were MacOS-native!)
> Assuming you were using the default keyboard personality in Wing, this
> should work.   Can you verify that you have unchecked "Enable Key
> Equivalents Under X11" in the X11 server's preferences?  When that is
> checked, the X11 server gets the ⌘ keys.  Upgrading to the latest XQuartz
> (http://xquartz.macosforge.org/trac/wiki) may help also (try both left and
> right ⌘ keys if you have two, since we've had reports of one of them not
> working).  If none of that helps, or if only one ⌘ key is working, please
> send your OS X version number and X11/XQuartz version number to
> support at wingware.com so we can try to replicate this here.  It's working for
> me on OS X right now, but it's probably version dependent (something in X11
> changing under us).
>> - "x" doesn't work correctly at the end of a line.
>> When pressing "x" at the end of a line, the last character of the line
>> should be erased and the cursor should back up to the new last character. In
>> Wing the cursor remains at the same place, which is an impossible position
>> for the cursor in vi (in vi the cursor can never be beyond the end of a
>> line). The incorrect cursor position then causes subsequent editing commands
>> to take effect at the wrong location.
> Thanks for pointing that out.  I've fixed it in our sources for Wing
> 3.2.10+.  Please don't hesitate to let us know about other such vi mode
> problems with the Submit Bug Report item in Wing's Help menu.  Vi is complex
> and sometimes inconsistent internally and we're not vi users so rely on user
> reports to fix things like this.
>> - "p" and "P" commands don't insert at the correct place.
>> The "p" is supposed to always take the lines that have been yanked or cut
>> into a vi buffer and insert them between the current line and the next line
>> (i.e. after the current line). Similarly, "P" is supposed to insert the
>> buffered lines between the previous line and the current line (i.e. before
>> the current line). In Wing, both commands actually chop the current line in
>> two pieces at the cursor position and insert the buffered lines between the
>> pieces.
> I've also fixed this one.
>> - "Confirm Reload"
>> I constantly get a dialog asking me to confirm reloading files that have
>> changed from disk. The list of files it wants to reload is all of the files
>> in my project. None of them have actually changed...
> That's certainly not what Wing should be doing.  Are these files that have
> changed in the editor?  By default, Wing should only prompt to reload files
> that are both changed in the editor and by some other process on disk.  This
> is controlled in the Files / Reloading preferences.
> In any case, this seems to indicate a bug in the reload detection code,
> probably specific to a particular OS and file system type.   Can you send
> more details about your machine to support at wingware.com or submit a bug
> report from Wing's Help menu so we can try to replicate this here?
>> - last line of the file is confusing
>> (I list this one for completeness but I could live with this issue, it's
>> kinda minor)
>> In vi, it is impossible to position the cursor past the last line of the
>> file. In Wing in vi mode, it is possible to place the cursor one line past
>> the end of the file.
>> This gives the impression that there is a blank line at the end of the
>> file, but there actually isn't.
> This is due to how the underlying code editor widget works.  I'll see if we
> can prevent getting into that position.  A similar issue exists with moving
> past the end of the line (as you noted) and we end up having to enforce
> cursor position as part of every action that can move it.
> Thanks for the feedback!
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