[wingide-users] Totally broken OSX keyboard shortcuts, cmd key does not work

JAZ hipertracker at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 13:45:31 MDT 2010

MacBook Pro, OS: Mac OS-X 10.6.4
X11: XQuartz 2.3.5 (xorg-server 1.4.2-apple53)
Affected: latest Wing IDE Pro 3.2.9-1 (rev 22374)  and Wing IDE Pro
4.0.0-b3 (rev 22398)

I cannot use WingIDE Pro. I tried any variants of X11 and WingIDE
options. The command key and all its native OS-X shurtcuts do not
trigger anything.  In WingIDE cmd-h and cmd-d behave  like backspace
and delete keys. The same for Cntrl. All native OS-X shurtcuts are not
working. It is very annoying. I have use mouse or everything, even for
saving buffer. What the hell has happend with Wing IDE Pro for OSX?

BTW, will you ever plan to add native Cococa GUI for WingIDE? GTK and
X11 with its double menu and shortcuts issues look and feel like a


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