[wingide-users] scrolling past the bottom of the buffer

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Fri Jan 29 09:04:00 MST 2010

Michael P. Soulier wrote:
> I think I asked this ages ago, but is it possible to scroll past the bottom of
> the buffer?
> In Vi I can center vertically even the last line of the buffer, with the
> screen space that occupies the space beyond the end of the buffer all having a
> ~ character in column 1 to indicate this.
> I like having the room below the text where I'm working, so "zz" on the last
> line should vertically center, and Ctrl-E/Y should scroll Up/Down.
> Could you do this in Wing?

It is not currently possible. This is a function of how the underlying 
code editing widget, Scintilla, is implemented, so is not trivial to 


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