[wingide-users] Bug in wingide ?

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Tue Jan 26 19:13:06 MST 2010

Deepankar Sharma wrote:
> I am sorry I was not aware of this feature in Wing, once I disable the
> pause at AssertionError things work as intended.

Glad you got it working. Note that aside from removing AssertionError 
from the list of exceptions that Wing always reports, you can also check 
the "ignore this exception location" box in the Exceptions tool.

Clearly it varies by code base, but certain exceptions are fairly likely 
to indicate a problem in the code, rather than a normal/expected 
condition.We used to include NameError in the default list of exceptions 
to always report, but unfortunately several of the commonly used web 
frameworks use this for normal exceptions, and this often confused 
beginners. Once you get familiar with the exception reporting options in 
Wing, you can set this up however you like.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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