[wingide-users] pre-debug settings window... please come back (aka where is "Run Arguments"?)

Madigan Whitemore madigan.net at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 22:11:59 MST 2010

Hi, I'm trying to get WingIDE to debug my gae/appenginepatch project but I
can't seem to find where to put my "Run Arguments" - the argument being
'runserver' for manage.py. I suspect they may be in the debug settings box
that pops up when you start a debug session but I'm not sure because I
clicked the little checkbox that says something like "hey, if you don't want
to see this stuff, click here". So naturally I clicked. Well now I would
like to get it back, either that or find where the "Run Arguments" textbox

Any help?

Btw, I'm really liking WingIDE. Have been using the 30 day trial and if I
can get my gae app debugging then this will be my new ide.

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