[wingide-users] Shell wishlist

Ram Rachum cool-rr at cool-rr.com
Wed Jan 20 08:40:23 MST 2010

I have wondered for a long time why the Wing shell is so limited. Is there a 
reason, or are you going to fix this?

Here are a few flaws I noticed. It's possible I'm wrong on some of these; if so 
please enlighten me.

 - No auto-indentation.
 - Tabs don't become spaces. (I'm not sure about this one.)
 - When typing a multi-line command, no ability to go back to previous line and 
change things, or to delete lines.
 - When browsing command history, multi-line commands show up in separate lines.
 - No ability to KeyboardInterrupt.
 - When typing while the shell is busy, the shell doesn't remember what you typed 
when it becomes available again.


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