[wingide-users] RE: IronPython CodeCompletion

Larry Richards larry at source1.jp
Sun Jan 17 14:00:01 MST 2010

This seems to have been solved by downloading the IronPython 2.6 source
code, adding it to the IronPython directory, and re-generating the PI files.
Can't say for sure that this was the cure, but it seems to be working fine



I'm having difficulty getting CodeCompletion to work with IronPython.  I'm
using Windows 7, IronPython 2.6, and Wing IDE 3.2.3-1.


I first created the PI file directory, then added this to the "Interface
File Path." Then I generated the PI files using the generate_pi.py script.
That seemed to work well enough, and I got a directory full of about 7.5 MB
of pi files.


At that stage, I should be able to type "import System," and Wing is
supposed to recognize the .NET objects.  However, no such luck.  I must be
doing something fundamentally wrong, although I think I'm following the
instructions to the letter.




Any advice would be appreciated.


Best regards,




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