[wingide-users] IronPython CodeCompletion

Larry Richards larry at source1.jp
Fri Jan 15 05:44:50 MST 2010

I'm having difficulty getting CodeCompletion to work with IronPython.  I'm
using Windows 7, IronPython 2.6, and Wing IDE 3.2.3-1.


I first created the PI file directory, then added this to the "Interface
File Path." Then I generated the PI files using the generate_pi.py script.
That seemed to work well enough, and I got a directory full of about 7.5 MB
of pi files.


At that stage, I should be able to type "import System," and Wing is
supposed to recognize the .NET objects.  However, no such luck.  I must be
doing something fundamentally wrong, although I think I'm following the
instructions to the letter.




Any advice would be appreciated.


Best regards,




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