[wingide-users] handing control from application to debugger

Mitchell L Model MLMConsulting at Comcast.net
Wed Jan 13 12:57:21 MST 2010

Is there a clean way for my application to hand control to the  
debugger -- i.e., act as if a breakpoint had been set at a certain  
line of code? I am looking for something equivalent to  
pdb.set_trace(). I am aware of wingdbstub.debugger.Debug, but that  
appears to be intended for use from outside of Wing. I have used it in  
code running in Wing, but it doesn't always work because importing  
wingdbstub sees that the environment has WINGDB_ACTIVE set and skips  
the top-level debugger setup code. (Reading the code I don't  
understand how my debugger hook every worked, since all it did was  
call wingdbstub.debugger.Debug(), and under my program's current setup  
after I import wingdbstub it has no name 'debugger'.

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