[wingide-users] RE: inserting comments on a line

Warren, Russell russell.warren at newport.com
Tue Jan 12 14:25:47 MST 2010

This is from a few weeks back...

Warren, Russell wrote (and Wingware responded):
>> A few years back someone already made an extension that did exactly
>> this.  It was a great script.  I've recently been lamenting its loss
>> after a few pc replacements where I foolishly didn't keep my wing
>> scripts for one of them.
>> You should be able to search the old wing mailing list entries to
>> it, but I haven't had much luck.  It was quite a while ago.
>I couldn't find it either but here's an implementation.  I've added
>to our scripts/editor_extensions.py examples so it won't get lost

Lucky day today... I just found the old script I couldn't find before.
Thanks to Yves Bastide waaaay back in March 2006 for this!
I've re-attached his script file exactly as from his original mail.
There are two macros: "indent_for_comment" and "transpose_chars"

"indent_for_comment" is quite nice and indents comments out to line 40,
even if they are inline comments.  I found it very handy for having nice
coordinated in-line comments.


PS: thanks for the other script, Stephan... not quite what Yves' did,
but it was still appreciated!
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