[wingide-users] Wing and DirectPython again

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Tue Jan 12 10:05:27 MST 2010






A while back I wrote about strange problems with Wing and DirectPython.
DP is basically just calls into the C API, wrapping DirectX.

Wing has two major flaws with this situation. Breakpoints and
exceptions. Both cause Wing to hang if they occur after the DirectPython
DirectX device has been created (and the window, if that has any bearing).

It is like the app is waiting for the debugger which is waiting for the app... Any suggestions?

My previous email regarding exceptions was answered, but the situation
was not resolved in 3.2. Original Text with reply below:




Simon Pickles wrote:
>  Hi all,
>  Anyone used Wing with DirectPython?
>  It works to a degree, but Wing doesn't catch exceptions after the DP
>  device is created. Those exceptions do, however, appear in a command
>  window as normal.
>  Anything I can do?
>  On WinXP SP3, with Wing-personal-3.1

A wild guess is these are logged exceptions and Wing is failing to stop
on them.  There's a fix for that in the 3.2 code base, which will code into
3.2beta2+.  A work-around would be to find where the exception is being
logged from and set a breakpoint there.  It's presumably a central handler

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