[wingide-users] Source analysis of maya.cmds package?

Eric Pavey warpcat at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 10:43:02 MST 2010

This is a question specific to the scripting language of the the DCC app
Maya.  I'm trying to get Wing to do source analysis of it's
*maya.cmds*package.  After finding these threads online, and working
through them, I
have been able to get its* maya.OpenMaya* package working successfully:

   - http://wingware.com/pipermail/wingide-users/2008-May/005398.html

And have posted my results here (which includes some of my work on the topic

   - http://mayamel.tiddlyspot.com/#[[Source%20Analysis%20in%20Wing]]

However, how Maya deals with it's maya.cmds package is very different than
its maya.OpenMaya package.  It seems to generate it upon launch... there is
no physical package on disk to inspect.  I've described what its' doing on
my blog here:

   - http://www.akeric.com/blog/?p=828

I've been able to generate a (seemingly) appropriate .pi file for the
maya.cmds package via this code (by having Maya's python executable running
in Wing):

import maya.cmds as mc

filepath = 'c:/temp/cmds.pi'
f = open(filepath, mode='w')

for k in sorted(mc.__dict__.keys()):
    f.write('def %s():\n'%k)
    f.write('    pass\n')

And I've put this .pi file in the same location as the OpenMaya ones.  But
Wing currently isn't detecting it for source analysis.

Any thoughts\help?

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