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Fri Jan 8 08:15:45 MST 2010

Eric Earnst wrote:
> Hi,
> Unfortunately the instructions on how to debug TurboGears 2 with Wing
> have parts that are going over my head (this is the most complicated
> thing I have tried with Python).  I'm using Python 2.5.4, Windows 7 64
> bit, Wing Pro 3.2.3-1.
> First problem
> *  Go into the Turbogears instance directory wingtest and run Wing
> What directory is the "instance" directory?  First, I normally just
> start Wing from a shortcut, does "Go into the Turbogears instance..."
> apply in Windows?  I am using virtualenv so my structure is:
> tg2env\wingtest; is the instance directory tg2env, tg2env\wingtest or?

The instance directory is the wingtest directory. We might be using the 
wrong terminology here for TurboGears, but you can create multiple 
website instances for a single TurboGears installation. We are not 
TurboGears experts, so please let us know if it sounds like some of the 
wording in the how-to should be corrected.

> *  Add your instance directory to the project and save it as
> wingtest.wpr There is no need to add all of Turbogears to the project;
> just the instance should suffice.
> Assume this will be answered in the first question?  "Add existing
> directory..." option

Yes, I think so. Please let me know if this is still unclear.

> *  Add also the paster to your project. Then open it and and set it as
> main debug file from the Debug menu
> paster or paster.exe?

This would refer to the Python code. It cannot be paster.exe, since that 
cannot be fed to Wing IDE's debugger. So I think it is "paster".

Please let me know if this does not help.



Stephan Deibel
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