[wingide-users] Wing projects misbehaving

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Thu Jan 7 20:07:26 MST 2010

Eric Pavey wrote:
> I have two projects I use in wing: The default one, and a custom one. 
> I mainly use the custom one.  But if I double-click a file outside of 
> wing, it launches wing in the default project (I have the 'open last 
> project' pref set, but this only seems to matter if I launch Wing 
> directly).
> However, if I then switch to my custom project, the file is now open 
> and loaded in that project as well. 
> Furthermore, it appears that whenever I open the default project, it 
> somehow pollutes my custom project by copying all the open files into 
> it.... which I then have to close one by one. 
> So basically, any time I double-click a file on disk, wing launches in 
> the default project, and then copies all the open files into my custom 
> project.  Which I then have to go close each one, until the next time 
> I double-click something.
> Does this sound familiar to anyone, and any solutions?  Or am I doing 
> something wrong?

I have also sometimes seen the file pollution bug. We will try to fix 
this.  The issue with opening the default project is that, if Wing IDE 
is launched with any file on the command line, as it would be if you 
click on a file, then it ignores the "open last project" preference. and 
opens the default project. This should probably be changed. I think I 
haven't run into that is often because I tend to have Wing IDE already 
open with my custom project, so files I clicked are opened in that 
context.Doing that is also a partial workaround for the file pollution 



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