[wingide-users] Wing projects misbehaving

Eric Pavey warpcat at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 18:30:44 MST 2010

I have two projects I use in wing: The default one, and a custom one.
I mainly use the custom one.  But if I double-click a file outside of wing,
it launches wing in the default project (I have the 'open last project' pref
set, but this only seems to matter if I launch Wing directly).
However, if I then switch to my custom project, the file is now open and
loaded in that project as well.
Furthermore, it appears that whenever I open the default project, it somehow
pollutes my custom project by copying all the open files into it.... which I
then have to close one by one.
So basically, any time I double-click a file on disk, wing launches in the
default project, and then copies all the open files into my custom project.
Which I then have to go close each one, until the next time I double-click

Does this sound familiar to anyone, and any solutions?  Or am I doing
something wrong?

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