[wingide-users] Thanks for vim mode [Was: Conceptual anouncement: Grim, my new editor]

David Niergarth dn at hddesign.com
Thu Jan 7 12:14:44 MST 2010

Somewhat humorous, somewhat serious email I sent to my coworkers. Thanks
for WingIDE's vim mode.


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Subject: Conceptual anouncement: Grim, my new editor
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2010 13:04:19 -0600
From: David Niergarth <dn at hddesign_nospam_.com>
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Grim, the grumpy vim clone

There are features in many editors that I love. Unfortunately, no single
editor has all those features under one roof. For that reason every
editor sucks and that makes me grumpy! In addition, I've used vim every
day at work for the past five years. Predictably, vim sucks too (and in
so many ways). Unfortunately, I've grown accustomed to navigating around
the page without having to move my fingers from the letter keys. So as
much as vim drives me nuts, it's difficult to imagine my perfect editor
without very vim-like modal editing behavior. This has reduced my chance
of ever finding a perfect editor to nil. What's a grumpy end user to do?
Fork vim! I therefore conceptually introduce Grim, a vim-like editor (I
may someday actually make) for the grumpy among us. I can only hope it
will suck less -- for me at least; your mileage may vary. ;) In the mean
time, remember my conflicted mantra: "Vim sucks, Long live vim!"

Time to go advise the WingIDE guys on my latest batch of fixes for
Wing's vim editor personality....

P.S. WingIDE in vim mode is currently my closest approximation of Grim!

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