[wingide-users] performing external actions when restarting debugger

Mitchell L Model MLMConsulting at Comcast.net
Thu Jan 7 09:40:10 MST 2010

I am using PyQt with Qt Designer. Every time I save from Qt Designer I  
have to go to a terminal window (or the equivalent in Wing) and  
execute a command to translate the Designer file into a Python file,  
and I invariably forget. Is there some kind of minimal "make" like  
hook that allows specifying command-line commands to be run  
automatically every time debugging starts? I can take care of the  
details of checking file dates, performing the correct actions, etc.,  
once I can get into a script -- all I need is a hook to attach the  
script to a project. If there isn't one from the Wing UI are there API  
calls that might be useful for scripting something like this?

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