[wingide-users] ctypes on windows - windll is not defined

Marius wishinet at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 23 12:12:14 MST 2010


I'm giving WingIDE a try, however there's a cumbersome problem with
ctypes in my way:
It's a Windows XP SP III system, Python25, WingIDE.
I even tried to switch to Python26.
In any of these official Python versions ctypes is included by default.

from ctypes import *
print windll.kerel32

Easy as that is: in the interpreter it works perfectly, returning
<WinDLL 'kernel32', handle 7c8 blablabla>

However - using the debugger and running the script directly doesn't
work. Any time I import ctypes that works without any hassle, but I get:
"NameError: name 'windll' is not defined." When I use something from ctypes.

- Same thing for Unions or anything ctypes related.
- However, forking an interpreter shell within WingIDE: no problems.

Does anybody know what's the issue here and how to get rid of it?


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