[wingide-users] VI support for text object selection

Tim Kersten tim at io41.com
Wed Feb 17 06:02:01 MST 2010

Hi, would it be possible to have VI support for text object selection?


I find it very useful for making selections in code. Also helps when editing
XML files to be able to do something like 'dat' from normal mode.

'd' in this case is an operator (delete). An operator followed by 'a' means
'a' or 'an' object, and 't' means tag. So in the case of XML, this would
delete the current tag and its contents.

Another example:

di'   or   di"

'i' being 'inner', followed by the type of quote would mean to delete inner
parts of a quoted string, depending on which type of quote was used.

Tim ^,^
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