[wingide-users] proliferating python processes

Jonathan Lundell jlundell at pobox.com
Mon Feb 8 14:21:17 MST 2010

On Feb 8, 2010, at 11:28 AM, Wing IDE Support wrote:

> On 2/8/10 12:11 PM, Jonathan Lundell wrote:
>> I had WingIDE running for an all-day session yesterday (Super Bowl? What dat?).
>> When I finished, I noticed that I had 20-30 python processes running on the system (OS X 10.6)  that I had to manually kill.
>> My suspicion, which I have not bothered to verify, is that it's related to editing the source externally and then telling WingIDE to Save and Continue, which I was also doing. But that's only conjecture.
> Did you restart your app?  Save & continue should not start any new processes.  Does your app spawn processes?

It's possible. It's web2py, and it has a kind of internal cron that runs as a separate thread (but I think a Python thread, not a process). I can disable it and see what happens.

BTW, I'm finding the terminology "save & continue" a little confusing. "Save" in what sense? The file is already saved (externally) and I presumably don't want WingIDE to save over it. Is it really "Reload & continue", or is there some other sense that I'm missing?

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