[wingide-users] Dropped Feature: 2 types of comments support

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Mon Feb 8 11:29:50 MST 2010

Michael Hipp wrote:
> I thought the OP was asking about the "double comment" thing that 
> appeared recently such that when you do comment-out region it hides it 
> behind two '#' symbols instead of just one. But the un-comment-out 
> region only removes one of them.
> I thought a previous email had called this a bug that would be fixed 
> soon. Did I misunderstand?
> I was hoping to see it revert to the previous behavior (i.e. only one 
> # both ways).

For that, you need to set the Editor / Block Comment Style to "indented 
comment", which should still be the default.

I think there were several requests here. One was to restore the 
original behavior of the commands (which included this removal of only a 
single level of comment level), and another was to restore the original 
behavior of the default key bindings.

Assuming the "block comment style" preference is set to the default, 
version 3.2.4 of Wing IDE fixed the first of these two requests.

Looking at this further, we should also have fixed the default key 
bindings to remain as they were. Redefining those as described in my 
previous message works around that problem. But I will fix this in our 
sources so that the new toggle style menu item uses a different key 
binding, and the old defaults are restored.

I will also add an argument to the uncomment-out-region command so that 
it can optionally remove all levels of comment, so it is more compatible 
with the ## style of commenting. This would only be relevant to those 
that wish to use this new style of commenting and that wish to continue 
to use the old commenting commands. More likely, if you use the new 
style, you would be using the newer uncomment command 
(uncomment-out-toggle) which does remove all levels of comment at once.

Sorry about this. I thought this would be a simple unobtrusive change, 
but it turned out to touch upon modes of usage I did not anticipate.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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