[wingide-users] VI search using #/* key bindings (browse mode)

Greg Bowman gbowman at osbsolutions.com
Tue Feb 2 11:11:36 MST 2010

I frequently use # and * to jump to next instance of a variable

The problem is wing doesn't differentiate between say "SupplierID" and
"supplierid" very well using this method. If I am hovering over
"supplierid" and used * to jump to the next location, the cursor jumps
to "SupplierID", when I use # to jump back, it does not return to the
original "supplierid" in fact it does not do anything.


<py code>

supplierid = 1
cursor.execute("SELECT Column FROM Table WHERE SupplierID=%s",
(supplierid, ))

<code end>

I hover over supplierid, use * it will jump to "SupplierID". If I do it
again it the cursor never moves. It would be nice to have it case
sensitive instead of how it is now.

Perhaps there is a configuration option or something I am not aware of?


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