[wingide-users] feature request: rechecking of r/o files.

Tim Kersten tim at io41.com
Mon Feb 1 09:17:43 MST 2010


>  Would it be possible to recheck files that are marked as read-only when
>> focusing the file, or when trying to type into a read-only file. Perhaps,
>> poll the currently focused file if it's read-only? Quite often I open r/o
>> files only to realise that they're marked as r/o. When I make them writable,
>> Wing doesn't pick up on this unless I close the file and re-open it. It
>> would be nice if it picked up on the change and allowed me to edit it.
> We had trouble adding this to the general external file change scan, but it
> seems that a good idea to do it for the current file. I think that is
> doable.

Yay, that would be awesome!

> Note that you can set a file as read/write in the file properties dialog,
> and Wing IDE should pick up on it if you make the change from there.

Thanks. I also discovered that while in vi mode I can :w the file and wing
will pick up it's writable state again too. It's not too bad that way, but
your above solution would be even nicer.

Best Regards,
Tim ^,^
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