[wingide-users] vi mode: search wrapping

Phil Vandry vandry at TZoNE.ORG
Mon Dec 20 20:42:23 MST 2010

In vi mode, / maps to Regex search forward and ? maps to Regex search
backward. These functions don't wrap around the end of the file
(forward search doesn't wrap back to the beginning, backward search
doesn't wrap back to the end).

I suppose this behaviour is intentional, which is why I'm bringing
this up on the mailing list, but it has really bitten me more than
once because it doesn't match normal vi behaviour. That is because
I naturally assume from long vi experience that if a search fails,
it's because the search string wasn't present in the file. But in
Wing it might only mean that the search string occurs before the
cursor position.

Would you consider changing this to match vi?


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