[wingide-users] Refactor not searching comments or strings?

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Fri Dec 17 12:45:34 MST 2010

Refactor is currently not searching comments or strings for the variable
name (at least for me in 4.0.0-b5).

It would be great if the refactoring options were extended to be:

   - Show possible uses (already there)
   - Show unlikely uses (already there)
   - Show hits in strings
   - Show hits in comments
   - Show hits in non-python files (example use cases: text files with code
   notes, docs)

I don't know what visualization options are available in the listview being
used in the refactoring toolbox, but if the above options are added it would
also be nice to make it clear what hit type each hit was (code, string,
comment, other).  One possibility is to apply the same syntax highlighting
used in the code window to the line hit in the refactoring window.  Another
possibility is to have an icon per hit type.

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