[wingide-users] Wing IDE 4.0 beta5 released: Adds Refactoring and Find-Uses

Ken Kinder kkinder at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 16:40:55 MST 2010

On 12/13/2010 04:31 PM, Ken Kinder wrote:
> I'm still not sure how often I'm going to use either. Uses seem useful,
> but I'm still a little skeptical that given the dynamic nature of a lot
> of Python code, WingIDE will really find all the places I use a symbol.

Also, FWIW, there is some inconsistency in how documentation for each
tool is accessed. Examples:

Pylint, Bookmarks, Breakpoints, etc: Right click on the tool content
itself and choose "Show X Documentation"
Refactoring, Uses: Click on Options -> Display X Documentation.

Then for most tools, there is no direct link to appropriate
documentation. But when there is a direct link to the documentation from
the GUI, there's no consistent way of finding it.

You could, for example, put it in the right click menu for the tab. Some
place out of the way. Arguably showing the documentation isn't what I
expected under "Options."

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