[wingide-users] Wing IDE 4.0 beta5 released: Adds Refactoring and Find-Uses

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Mon Dec 13 15:47:05 MST 2010

On 12/13/10 5:38 PM, Ken Kinder wrote:
>> They can go away by selecting another tab to view.  I suppose they
>> could be auto-hidden when closed with the X on the title, but I think
>> it's just as easy to click on another tab.  They are related, but
>> different enough to warrant their own panels and they will probably
>> diverge over time (other refactoring operations may not be as reliant
>> on points of use results).
> I'm actually finding that they do not go away as you move to a different
> tab.

Do you mean they're still displayed or that they're still there when you 
switch back to them?  The first would be a bug, but the second is how 
it's supposed to work.  I don't think there's much harm in keeping them 
around; there's some memory usage but I haven't seen that it's significant.



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