[wingide-users] Debugger fails if directory contains file named warnings.py

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Mon Dec 13 09:21:42 MST 2010

On 12/10/10 8:22 PM, Donovan Eastman wrote:
> This is not strictly a Wing issue: Giving a module the same name as a
> standard library module is usually a bad idea, especially one with
> generalized usage, like warnings.  If, for example, you try to use a
> deprecated function in a module in the same directory as a warnings.py
> file, your code will fail, even from the command line.  Having said
> that, your code would fail in a way that made it fairly easy to identify
> the issue.  The problem I had with Wing is that the error message didn't
> give me any clue as to where to look.

You're right that this is a problem and we'll try to improve error 
reporting in future releases.



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