[wingide-users] idea: numpad as "go to line"

Phil Vandry vandry at TZoNE.ORG
Fri Dec 3 11:21:33 MST 2010

On 2010-12-03, at 10:54 , Wing IDE Support wrote:
> On 12/3/10 8:41 AM, Lukasz Michalski wrote:
>> It would be easier for me to use numpad keyboard instead. I don't use
>> numpad for anything anyway and I think the most programmers don't  
>> use it
>> too.
> You could try binding goto-line to the key of your choice in the  
> Custom Key Binding preference.

Would this really work? The numeric keypad keypress has to not only  
invoke the goto-line function but supply the first digit of the  
desired line number.

If simple binding does NOT work, then it sounds like a job for a  
binding to a script:

KP_1 is bound to a function that memorizes the digit 1
KP_9 is bound to a function that memorizes the digit 9
KP_Enter is bound to a function that assembles the memorized digits  
and goes to that line number.

(Using #include <X11/keysymdef.h> conventions for the names of the keys)

It sounds like a good idea and I would be tempted to try to implement  
it with such a script... if only I used a keyboard that had a numeric  
keypad (which I don't, I use a HHKB) and if only I didn't have an  
alternative goto-line method that my fingers know how to do  
automatically since a long time (which is colon + line number + enter  
in vi mode).


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