[wingide-users] How to print to the application output (debug i/o) from the debug probe?

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Wed Dec 1 13:39:24 MST 2010

When in the middle of a debugging session and you issue a print statement in
the debug probe window, the print statements don't show up in the debug i/o
window.  They only show up in the probe window where you issued the

Is there some way to direct output to debug i/o from the debug probe?  I
tried stdout and stderr directly but both route to the debug window.

Seeing it in the probe is usually what I want and I use it a lot, but I'm
currently trying to insert markers into a lengthy i/o stream that I'll copy
out later and want to know how to get text in there.  Having the option to
tee debug probe outputs to the probe window and the i/o output might be a
neat option.

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