[wingide-users] Dunno if you can help me...

Adrian Graham adrian.graham at ymail.com
Tue Aug 31 13:55:32 MDT 2010

This is not really a WingIDE question, but I thought I'd ask in case the answer 
is so obvious you can reply in seconds.

I'm trying to create a dynamic record set using Python's class facility.  I have 
created a record class to create an empty record:

class Record:

I am then trying to create record #1, #2....


for i in range( 0, len (record_set):
     rec + str(i) = Record()
     { add class attributes }

It doesn't work.  I've used {string} + str(number) before to create files, but 
is there an easy way to do this in this case?

As I said, it's not a WingIde question, so please feel free to tell me to get 
stuffed if you want.


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