[wingide-users] Platform specific project settings?

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Tue Aug 24 15:16:33 MDT 2010

Since my .wpu vs .wpr question went so well...

Is there any way to roll up some os-specific project settings?  Since the
proj file seems to have eval'd python code in it I tried this:

proj.pyexec = {None: ('custom', '~/.virtualenvs/projectx/bin/python' if
'linux' in sys.platform else 'blah')}

but it did not work.  Then I tried:

proj.pyexec = {None: ('custom', '~/.virtualenvs/projectx/bin/python' if True
else 'blah')}

which DID work, so sys.platform was (not surprisingly) the issue.  However,
the above hack only works once because on project save it replaced the
setting value with the evaluation of my statement rather than persisting the

If no canned way exists to do this, are there any tricks I could use to make
platform dependent settings work?  The fact that the evaluated value is
re-stored to the file on save hobbles this hack'ish route, but can I get
access sys.platform in that file somehow?

I'm sure this is also a rare request, but it could definitely be handy to
have platform specific project settings.

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