[wingide-users] Moving project settings from .wpu to .wpr?

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Mon Aug 23 22:08:13 MDT 2010

I expect I know the answer to this, but is there any way to move particular
project settings from the .wpu file to the .wpr file when using shared
projects?  My specific driver at the moment is that I want the default
python path to be set to a virtualenv path and want that to be sticky within
the main .wpr file and not have to be set in each .wpu file.

For example, I want:

proj.pyexec = ".~/.virtualenvs/projectx/bin/python"

but proj.pyexec is in the .wpu file in shared mode.

I recognize why that particular property should likely be in the .wpu file
most of the time (eg: the path will unlikely be valid when jumping to Wing
in a different OS), but I figured I'd ask the general question anyway.

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