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Fri Aug 20 12:06:49 MDT 2010

Michael Hipp wrote:
> I just got the latest patch and this is not what I'm seeing (fwiw, the 
> patch didn't change this particular behavior). Given these lines, put 
> the cursor on that final 'x'. hit cw.
>             break  # done, get rid of the dialog box
>         self.cancel_screen(scrn)
> Here's what results:
>             break  # done, get rid of the dialog bo.cancel_screen(scrn)
> It gobbled the 'x', the newline, and the first word 'self' of the 
> following line. Not so good.

I suspect it's partially the same bug in that being on the 'x' is being 
on the last character of the word 'box' and thus it's mistakenly 
consuming also the next word.  There's a second bug here as well -- need 
to special case cw movement not to go over line endings even thought 'w' 
does move over line endings. 

In typical vi form, the 'w' word move in each case (within 'cw' or 
alone) is actually different.  This is a good example of the many ways 
in which vi is internally inconsistent and why emulating vi is 
essentially a process of going through 1000's of end cases.

Or, in other words, please keep the reports coming and I'll fix them as 
fast as I can.



Stephan Deibel
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