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Fri Aug 20 09:49:33 MDT 2010

Michael Hipp wrote:
> If I'm editing a line like below...
>   init_sizer = wx.StaticBoxSizer(init_box, wx.HOR)
> If I place the cursor on that last 'R' and hit 'cw' to finish it out 
> the cw not only gobbles up the 'R' it also takes the ')'. That last 
> part was unexpected. Such punctuation should not be considered part of 
> the word. I've verified that vim on my Ubuntu box leaves the ) there.

It seems to be an issue specifically with the case where the caret is on 
the last character of a word.  In that case it's consuming the next word 
also for some reason.  It consumes the correct characters if the caret 
is on the O instead.  I'll look into fixing this.  Thanks for reporting it.

> More on this ... if the cursor happens to be on a char that is the 
> last char on the line, the cw also gobbles the newline (effectively 
> doing a Join). Very disorienting and not at all normal vi.

This is a side effect of the fact that in Wing you can put the cursor 
past where vi allows it.  It seems to work correctly for me if I have 
the cursor on top of the ), which is the rightmost position vi would 
allow it while in browse mode, assuming no trailing spaces.  We have 
some code that tries to keep the caret in valid positions but it's hard 
to do this correctly.  I'll see if we can improve it, however, possibly 
just by preventing cw from consuming the line end.



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