[wingide-users] debugging with multiprocessing

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Wed Aug 18 16:05:14 MDT 2010

Chris Saxey wrote:
> Is it possible to use break points with the multiprocessing library?  
> I have a main process that launches other processes using the 
> multiprocess module and I want to be able toset a break point in the 
> code that is running in one of the child processes.  Does anyone know 
> if this is possible?
You could execute the main process instead of debugging it and use 
'import wingdbstub' in the subprocess to initiate debug there.  This is 
documented at 

Note that Wing cannot debug more than one process at a time.  That's why 
you need to execute rather than debug the main process.

This is something I'd like to change at some point, although even then 
you'ld need to use wingdbstub for the subprocesses since we can't 
debug-instrument spawned processes (well, we could try to hack 
subprocess but, without having investigated it in any depth yet, I 
expect it would be a bit of a brittle mess ;-).


Stephan Deibel
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