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Tue Aug 17 10:40:08 MDT 2010

Wingware Support wrote:
> cool-RR wrote:
>> When browsing the autocompletion options, one can use, in addition to 
>> the up/down arrow keys, page-up and page-down. But when trying to use 
>> Home or End, they don't browse the autocompletion options, but jump 
>> to the start/end of the line.
>> Is this intentional? I'd personally prefer to be able to use Home and 
>> End to navigate the autocompletion options.
> It looks like it's just an oversight.  I've just changed this in our 
> sources for Wing 3.2.10+.

In working with this I found it is a problem to make Home and End do 
this.  I'm used to having those be a way to escape the auto-completer.  
I'm not sure if others will run into this but I've revised the fix for 
now to make start-of-document and end-of-document navigate within the 
auto-completer as you describe (Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End and some other 
keys according to keyboard personality) but not Home and End.

If we do make further changes here, I'd want it to be in a major 
release.  I'm not entirely averse to relearning some key details myself 
but others may be.  In any case this isn't a good thing to ask people to 
do in a minor release! 

And, no, I'd rather not add yet another obscure preference. ;-)



Stephan Deibel
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