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Mon Aug 16 12:07:45 MDT 2010

Luc Bourhis wrote:
> hi,
> I have got a project laid out on disk as follow:
> cctbxroot / cctbx.wpr
>                / cctbx_git_repository / .git
>                                                / trunk
>                / cctbx_project
> where cctbx_project is a soft-link to cctbx_git_repository/trunk. 
> My Wing project cctbx.wpr had that cctbx_project added to it.
> With that setup, git integration does not work: if I right-click on cctbx_project and choose git > status, cctbx_project appears in the drop-down menu of the git panel, but nothing happens (c.f. attached screen capture): the panel stays like so, empty.

Does it work if you add trunk to your project instead of cctgx_project?  
It's probably either not following the soft link or the lack of .git 
file in the trunk directory.

The screenshot you sent shows that the status was still running (because 
"Cancel" is enabled).  Can you Show Console from the Git tool's Options 
menu and send us any output from there after you try to update the 
status (hit Cancel button and then run a status again)?



Stephan Deibel
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