[wingide-users] Multiple monitors with Wing?

Anthony Floyd anthony.floyd at convergent.ca
Mon Aug 16 10:00:59 MDT 2010

Stephan Deibel wrote: 
> Michael Hipp wrote:
> > Anyone using multiple monitors with Wing? Does it work well?
> >
> > I thought I remembered some problems perhaps related to 
> limitations in 
> > the Windows Gtk stuff or something. Or did I just dream that?
> I think it works well on Linux but has some problems on Windows 
> (particularly w/ perspectives and some weird window sizing 
> issues).  I'm 

It works great for us here (one of us uses it natively in Windows XP, and I use it in Windows XP on VirtualBox with its recent "multiple monitor" support). No problems on Linux either. In fact, I can't imagine using only one monitor to code anymore.


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