[wingide-users] Improving the Source Browser

David Taylor taylor234 at comcast.net
Sun Aug 8 12:04:18 MDT 2010

I'd like to propose two additions to the list of Options for display in the
Source Browser. 


The first option I'd like to see is doc strings, which would allow me to
easily browse my working documentation during the development process. I
would find this very useful in large projects to remind me of just what I
had in mind when I wrote a particular class or method. It could also be
quite useful in examining library code. I would think this information would
be fairly easy for you to extract, and it would provide the key
functionality of pydoc without having to leave Wing to generate or view it.


The second option is called methods, which would serve as a quick reminder
of code nesting. Clicking on a called method would, of course, bring up that
method in the editor. You already have all the methods available in your
browser, so it should just be a matter of scanning the code for matches and
adding the list to your data structure. I would prefer that the call appear
exactly as written, showing the actual argument names for a particular call
rather than the generic names used in the definition of the method. The same
option should, of course, be available for functions.


What do you think?


David Taylor

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