[wingide-users] Including a library in your project?

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Wed Aug 4 08:38:25 MDT 2010

Stephan Deibel wrote:
> I include the libraries in the project and set up the Python Path so 
> they are found.  I find it most convenient just to be able to use and 
> edit the libraries conveniently as I run into any problems or missing 
> features with them, and I can always overview any changes and check 
> them in selectively in the version control tool.  Their tests also 
> show up separately in the Testing tool and I can use the filter to 
> select just those that I want to work with.
> However, I should note that usually my library directory isn't far 
> flung so the project view's contents is manageable.  I've used 
> symlinks in some cases where they library was further away.

Someone emailed me privately with a comment and I see the above is not 
very clear.  Much of the code I use but don't intend to modify is only 
reachable via the configured Python Path.  It's only libraries I may 
want to modify that I add to the project view.  Then they also show up 
in the set of project files searched from Search in Files, and they're 
in the Testing and version control views.

If I need to search through a library that isn't in my project, I create 
a new Search in Files tab that points to it with a directory/disk search 
rather than using Project Files search scope.


Stephan Deibel
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