[wingide-users] fixing shared perspectives file

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Thu Apr 29 10:50:15 MDT 2010

Mitchell L Model wrote:
> Apparently I've got my shared perspective file situation screwed up. 
> Whether I use "default" or set a file location, and whether the file 
> exists or is empty or contains
> shared-perspectives = (1,
>                        {})
> all perspectives stay in my project whether I make them shared or not, 
> and each time I change whether one of them is shared I get an error 
> concerning a failure to write the perspectives file.
> I tried moving the perspectives from my project file to my shared 
> perspectives file and restarting Wing, but then when I did "Manage 
> Perspectives" it popped up an error message about failing to do 
> something about setting up the perspectives menus.
> The perspectives remain in my project file, so they are still there 
> and I can use them. What can I do to reset things so I can start using 
> shared perspectives?
> I have a file "perspectives" that contains the shared-perspective 
> assignment shown above. I don't know where that came from -- is that 
> the default shared perspectives file? Wing complains that it can't 
> read or write that file. I do have write access.

I'll look into this.  Something is wrong w/ shared perspectives.



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