[wingide-users] fixing shared perspectives file

Mitchell L Model MLMConsulting at Comcast.net
Thu Apr 29 08:38:49 MDT 2010

Apparently I've got my shared perspective file situation screwed up.  
Whether I use "default" or set a file location, and whether the file  
exists or is empty or contains

shared-perspectives = (1,

all perspectives stay in my project whether I make them shared or not,  
and each time I change whether one of them is shared I get an error  
concerning a failure to write the perspectives file.

I tried moving the perspectives from my project file to my shared  
perspectives file and restarting Wing, but then when I did "Manage  
Perspectives" it popped up an error message about failing to do  
something about setting up the perspectives menus.

The perspectives remain in my project file, so they are still there  
and I can use them. What can I do to reset things so I can start using  
shared perspectives?

I have a file "perspectives" that contains the shared-perspective  
assignment shown above. I don't know where that came from -- is that  
the default shared perspectives file? Wing complains that it can't  
read or write that file. I do have write access.

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