[wingide-users] clicking left and right arrows to reach out-of-sight tab

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Wed Apr 28 09:22:51 MDT 2010

Mitchell L Model wrote:
> Maybe I am missing an option or gesture, but I find it very frustrating 
> when I try to get to a tool or document tab that is out of sight to the 
> right or left, since each arrow click simply moves to the next tab. 
> Seems to me those arrows should always shift the tabs, since if I wanted 
> to go to one of the visible tabs I could just click on it. Sometimes, it 
> takes me 10 clicks to find the one I want.

Another suggestion on this is to turn off the tabs, which you can do
by right clicking on them and selecting Hide Notebook Tabs.  This
replaces them w/ a menu.  Of course it's not a single click to change
to another file, but it's better than scrolling the tabs in the
current interface.

Also, when I do have tabs visible using the mouse wheel over them is
a quick way to scroll through them.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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