[wingide-users] clicking left and right arrows to reachout-of-sight tab

David Taylor taylor234 at comcast.net
Tue Apr 27 20:58:30 MDT 2010

When you guys type '+1', is that your code for 'add my vote for that'?

If so, +1. 

I end up shortening my file names just to work around this problem.

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> Maybe I am missing an option or gesture, but I find it very
> frustrating when I try to get to a tool or document tab that is out of
> sight to the right or left, since each arrow click simply moves to the
> next tab. Seems to me those arrows should always shift the tabs, since
> if I wanted to go to one of the visible tabs I could just click on it.
> Sometimes, it takes me 10 clicks to find the one I want.
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