[wingide-users] help req: debugging c code

Wing IDE Support support at wingware.com
Fri Apr 23 09:25:38 MDT 2010

On 4/23/10 3:00 AM, sanam singh wrote:
> I have successfully learnt how to debug my python modules in wingide
> .however in my python modules i am using certain c++ functions which are
> called in python. i want to debug those c modules using wingide. i have
> installed gdb. i open my python module in wingide and in gdb i attach it
> (attach pid) . it successfully attaches it. i obsereve that as i debug
> in wing following appears in gdb:
> [New Thread 0xa52edb90 (LWP 7054)]
> [New Thread 0xa4aecb90 (LWP 7055)]
> [New Thread 0xa42ebb90 (LWP 7056)]
> [New Thread 0xa3aeab90 (LWP 7057)]
> [New Thread 0xa32e9b90 (LWP 7058)]

At this point you should see a (gdb) prompt.  At the prompt you can 
enter any gdb command such as break, step, next, or continue -- some of 
the commands are listed at 

If you are trying to debug a specific C function, you might enter
(gdb) break FunctionName
(gdb) continue
This sets a breakpoint at the function name FunctionName and then 
continues execution of the program.  Then you'd execute python code that 
calls down to FunctionName and then step or otherwise debug in gdb. 
Feel free to contact us directly at support at wingware.com with specifics 
of what you're trying to debug.



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